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1. What makes EVERBAND so special?
EVERBAND is a unique, wedding and/or anniversary band expertly crafted and serviced by talented artisans in the heart of New York City. Unlike other Wedding/Anniversary bands, it was designed to grow with the journey of a marriage, marking the anniversaries and other special milestone occasions in a couples lives together... a unique and sentimental symbol marking ones love thru the years.
2. Once I order my EVERBAND, how long does it take to receive my custom band?
10 business days
3. How will I remember when to send in my EVERBAND for my Anniversary stone?
Each year as your anniversary approaches, your authorized EVERBAND retailer where you purchased the stone and EVERBAND team will be in touch with you via email and mail to remind you its time for the addition of your new diamond.
4. Where do I bring my Wedding Band for repairs and/or Anniversary stone installation?
Simply go to your authorized EVERBAND retailer where you initially purchased your EVERBAND for all servicing.
5. Who should I contact for more information about my EVERBAND?
For more information please contact your Authorized EVERBAND retailer where you purchased your ring(s) or visit or contact
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